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Second, the connector development of the four trends
With the increasing trend of intelligent products, connector products show four trends.
Trend 1: from standard to custom
Traditional connectors are passive products, manufacturers can provide standardized products to customers, with the diversification of electronic products and more and more intelligent products such as robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, manufacturers need more customized connector products to To meet the needs of the product, the connector product manufacturers need to develop new products with customers to meet the needs of customers to read the appearance and function, so the connector manufacturers to participate in the early design of the customer.
Trend II, from a single signal transmission to multi-signal transmission
Traditional connectors transmit only a single signal, such as video, control, or data signals. As electronic products become thinner, connectors move from a single signal to a variety of signal transmissions, and the same cable can transmit light, electrical, or other signals at the same time But also help to save space to improve system reliability.
Trend three, from passive products to modular intelligent
Traditional connector manufacturers in order to obtain more profits, is the connector from a passive product into a modular product, for example, in the server cable provider will become intelligent connector, by increasing the active IC to a single cable change Into an intelligent cable that can monitor data,
Trend four miniaturization of miniaturization of miniaturization
Now electronic products are increasingly thin, but also to promote even the machine products, connectors to small size, low height, narrow spacing, multi-functional, long life, surface installation and other direction. So the connector manufacturers to adapt to these changes to improve the process and design.
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